About Diamond

Since 1985, Diamond® has played a large part in the evolution of the professional catering equipment sector, globally renowned with state of the art manufacturing, distribution, testing and warehousing facilities. The success of the brand has placed the Diamond® into the Top 5 European Distributors with a turnover exceeding 40 million euros.

The Diamond® philosophy: to make easier your work while raising the productivity, and this, at the lowest cost.

Over time the distribution of Diamond® products has even exceeded European lines, to expand into the global market with more than 50 countries worldwide, and a network of over 1200 dealers. Working closely with customers and suppliers across the entire distribution channel, Diamond engineer custom-made solutions with exceptional quality and usability.

Our worth:

  • Respect of the customer: Stay tuned of his expects, analyze together the needs and do everything which is possible to satisfy him.
  • Respect of the co-workers: A management and a working environment where the people are the central focus. Diamond® Europe makes sure that they are able to stimulate their creativity, to support their motivation and to blossom within the company.
  • Respect of the environment: Being ourselves integral parts of the environment, we make every effort to develop the company while saving the nature.

Diamond Australia strive to continue the trend of the highest quality European catering equipment at the lowest cost.


To all of our customers - Thank you and good luck!

Diamond Australia
Your Professional Partner